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The Islamic Center of Central New York

The Islamic Society of Central New York is a Sunni mosque, as well as a non-profit, multi-purpose religious and cultural organization that serves the greater Muslim population of Central New York. The organization provides religious programs to all of those who are interested, as well as education for both adults and children. One of the Mosque’s main initiatives is to work in promoting the understanding between Muslims and those of other faiths through the principles and ideal that are represented in the Islamic way of life.

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St. Peter’s Italian Church/Our Lady of Pompeii

St. Peter’s Italian Church, which later merged with Our Lady of Pompeii, is a Roman Italian Church that serves the greater Catholic community of Syracuse.

St. Peter’s Italian Church (although it was known as The Church of Messiah at the time) was formed in 1886 and was a place where Italian Roman Catholic immigrants could come together and practice their faith. In 1953, the church then grew from a modest cement structure at State Street and Burnet Avenue to a larger Romanesque styled church at 701 James Street.

In 2008, St. Peter’s Italian Church merged with Our Lady of Pompeii and moved to its current location, 301 Ash Street.

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Hendricks Chapel

Hendricks Chapel is located on the campus of Syracuse University. It provides an array of religious, spiritual and cultural services to the immensely diverse student body. Hendricks Chapel is committed to being a resource where all students can go practice their beliefs in a safe environment, as well as connect with one another on cultural, personal and spiritual level.

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Unity of Syracuse

Unity of Syracuse describes themselves as an accepting and loving community where those of all backgrounds and creeds are welcome to come together and practice Christianity, as well as those who follow alternative spiritualities. 

Unity describes themselves to be New Thought Christians, which promotes the thinking that God is infinite or the belief that God is everywhere. Unity believes in following the basic teachings of Christianity, which involves God and Jesus Christ. However, what separates New Thought Christians and Unity from the norm is that it is focused extremely on bringing all thoughts back to oneself through meditation, prayer and recognizing how God is present within each person.
Unity is also open to other forms of spirituality and healing as well.

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Hillel at Syracuse University

Winnick Hillel Center at Syracuse University taken by ZeWrestler on January 13, 2008

Hillel at Syracuse is a foundation for Jewish Life at Syracuse University. Hillel’s mission is “to create a diverse, dynamic and welcoming Jewish community on the Syracuse University Campus” (SUHillel.com). The foundation also helps those who are committed to their faith deepen that commitment, as well as provide a space for all of those want to get involved in Judaism. The organization uses both traditional and non-traditional activities in order to help those who want to deepen their Jewish faith.

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The Zen Center of Syracuse

The Zen Center of Syracuse (or Zen Center of Syracuse Hoen-Ji) is one of the oldest running Zen centers in the United States, since 1972. It is a place that provides people of all faiths to conjugate and participate in practices of meditation and mindfulness. Although the Zen Center’s focus is “Zen based,” it also revolves its practices and services around Tibetan Buddhism, Japanese Buddhism and other various forms of meditation practices. Currently, Roko Sherry Chayat is the head leader of the Zen Center.