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Shoppingtown Regal Cinemas

This is the Regal Cinemas at Shoppingtown. Photo Credit: ThisPublicAccess

Right in the heart of Shoppintown Mall is a 14 theater Regal Cinemas. Regal Cinemas offers movie goers the latest motion pictures, even including 3D and IMAX movies. The Regal Cinemas at Shoppingtown Mall has a concession stand with a variety of food options and offers stadium seating to make the movie experience both more comfortable and enjoyable. For more information about Regal Cinemas, visit or call Shoppingtown’s Regal Cinemas at (315) 449-2001.

Adult: $10.50 (Matinee: 8.50)
Children: $8.50
Seniors: $8.50
For 3D movies, ticket prices increase $3.50

Fun / Shopping / ShoppingTown Mall

Shoppingtown Stores

Shoppingtown Mall has something for everyone. The wide range of stores attracts a variety of customers. Whether you are looking for sporting equipment or a new pair of earrings, you will find it at Shoppingtown Mall. Shoppingtown also has a variety of special services to offer that allows people of different ages to participate in fun, indoor activities.

Dining / ShoppingTown Mall

Shoppingtown Dining

The food court at Shoppingtown also has a play center! Photo Credit: ThisPublicAccess

Feeling hungry? Shoppingtown Mall has a variety of places where you can satisfy your hunger. If you are in a rush, you can make your way to the food court where you will be able to find a quick bite to relieve any craving. If f you are just looking for a little snack and something to sip on while you are shopping, there are stand alone food stations that you can stop at to ease your appetite. Or, if you want the full dining experience, there is even a sit-down TGI Friday’s.

Fun / Shopping / ShoppingTown Mall

Shoppingtown Mall Overview

This view can be seen in Shoppingtown Mall. Photo Credit: ThisPublicAddress

Shoppingtown Mall is one of Erie Boulevard’s greatest treasures. It is filled with dining, entertainment and shopping experiences that cater to everyone’s tastes and interests. Shoppingtown also offers around the clock security to ensure the safety of all visitors.

3649 Erie Blvd E
Dewitt, NY 13214
General: (315)-446-9159
Security: (315)-445-1703

Shoppingtown Mall is only a 10 minute drive from Syracuse University main campus, making it easily accessible for both SU students and faculty. Also, for those without a car, there are CENTRO services that offer trips to Shoppingtown from the university.