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Cultural Festivals

Part of Syracuse’s love for festivals comes from it’s appreciation for diversity and culture. Throughout the summer, many weekends are devoted to festivals that celebrate a culture with respect to both its heritage and its Syracuse roots. All of these festivals are free, non-profit organizations that are built and created by passionate locals and frequented by Syracuse natives from all walks of life. Offering live music, delicious authentic food, and plenty of activities for both adults and children, the variety of culturul festivals hosted in Syracuse is a great thing to check out on a beautiful summer day.


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History of the Saltine Warrior


Credit: Nicole Terrance. Copyright: Syracuse University, The Onondagan. Thanks to the Syracuse University Archives

Saltine Warrior mascot at an SU football game in 1977.

The Saltine Warrior was the official mascot of Syracuse University for 47 years from 1931 to 19781. In 1931, the Saltine Warrior was born in a hoax published by The Syracuse Orange Peel, a student-run newspaper2. For 45 years, the hoax of the Saltine Warrior was widely believed to be true until student researched unveiled the truth in 19763. In 1978, protest from Onkwehonweneha, the Native American student organization on campus, lead to the removal of the Saltine Warrior as Syracuse University’s official mascot 4.


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The Role of International Students at Syracuse University

Introduction: International students have been apart of Syracuse University since the 1940’s 1. At the time, they were involved mainly in their respective academic departments due to a lack of student organizations for international students and students of different ethnicity. Back in the 1970’s some of these students were hosted by members of the community who formed organizations in order to help new international students adjust to living in the United States for the first time 2. It was also in the 1970’s where more student organizations were founded and became more active. Some of the organizations were Syracuse India Association, African Student Association, and Arab Student Organization, which soon all came together to create the International Student Organization 3. The ISO became very active on campus by hosting performances and shows by different groups of students on campus in an effort to promote their respective cultures. Today, international students are still very active on campus through organizations such as Asian Students in America, who have made it open to every student on campus to come and to experience Asian culture.

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Muslim Student Association at Syracuse University


The Muslim Student Association (MSA) is an American and Canadian organization that works to provide services to Muslims during their years in college or university. The national MSA was created in 1963 1  and the Syracuse University chapter of the MSA was active as early as 1969 2. The MSA in Syracuse is closely tied to the Muslim Chaplaincy at Hendricks Chapel. The advisor for SU’s MSA is currently Tanweer Haq, who is also the Muslim Chaplin. MSA also retains close ties with the Islamic Society of Central New York (ISCNY), which holds Jumu’ah or Friday prayer for all Muslims in Onondaga, Oswego, and Cortland County 3. In 2001 there were an estimated 500 Muslim students at Syracuse University 4.