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Chuck’s Café

American Cuisine, Photo Credit: Reece Jackson

American Cuisine, Photo Credit: Reece Jackson

A campus favorite Chuck’s Café is a bar located on 727 S Crouse Ave behind Marshall Street. Chuck’s Café is one of the 4 major dive bars on the Syracuse University campus. If you’re looking for a funky bar with a lot of character, Chucks is definitely a staple for the nightlife on the SU hill. Feel free to bring a sharpie and tag your name on the wall to leave your mark when you visit!


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Westcott Theatre

Westcott Theatre
The Westcott Theater which is a old cinema that has been renovated and reconstructed from past years, which now have been formed into a Upstate NY premiere live music venue. Major functions are Bar, Movies, and Performing Arts. The Westcott Theater host national, regional and local bands at the venue. Many well-known performers, as well as underground artists have came to perform in this venue. The type of genres that are performed at Westcott range from Hip Hop, Rock, Country, Pop, Heavy Metal , Techno, and others. The ticket prices varies for events, so you will need to find out about the prices by calling, email, internet, or fliers that are put around the Westcott Community and Syracuse area. This theater has become a very live and jive place now. 

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Metro Sushi Bar & Lounge


Metro Sushi Bar & Lounge located on Westcott

Metro Sushi Bar & Lounge located on Westcott

Metro Lounge and Sushi Bar offers two separate menus. One menu is for dining and the other menu specializes in parties and catered events. Their dining menu offers a variety of sushi and Pan-Asian items. Sushi rolls cost anywhere from $6 to $10 per roll and entrees vary from $9 to $17. If one isn’t in the mood for a whole meal, appetizers such as wings are available to order.

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The Ice Museum

Picture from Wikimedia Commons

The Ice Museum at DestinyUSA is a facility that displays a variety of ice sculptures that will leave you in awe with their elegance, detail and beauty. The ice sculptures were created by Stan Koloco of Auburn, NY. Koloco is an expert in ice sculpting, as he is the owner of The Ice Farm and has won a variety of awards for his craft.

The Ice Museum at Destiny USA not only provide patrons with the unique spectacle of ice, but also gives them an experience of lights and sound. In fact, The Ice Museum is so unique that there is only one other of its kind in the United States, located all the way in Aurora, Alaska.

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Wise Guys Comedy Club

Downtown Syracuse area where Wise Guys Comedy Club is located

Downtown Syracuse area, where Wise Guys Comedy     Club is located: 201 S Salina Street Syracuse, NY 

General Information
The club has been around since 1985 and is considered to be one of the premier comedy club in the area of Syracuse. It has featured nationally known stars such as Andrew Dice Clay, Ray Romano, Kevin James and The Unknown Comic. Comedians have also been known to drop in and attend a show, often giving them positive reviews.

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Funny Bone Comedy Club

Picture of a Funny Bone Comedy Club from Flickr, lobstar28


Funny Bone Comedy Club and Restaurant was founded in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania by Mitch Kutash and Gerald Kubach where it started serving delicious dinners and laughter. Over 30 years later, Funny Bone Comedy Club and Restaurant has expanded over 25 markets in clubs all over the country. Renowned comedians including Jerry Seinfeld, Rosanne Barr, Tim Allen, Drew Carey, Jim Breuer, Kathleen Madigan, John Pinette, DL Hughley, Gabriel Iglesias, Josh Blue, Ellen Degeneres and Dave Chappelle have made appearances at these clubs along with other developing humorists.

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Aja (pronounced “asia”) is a premiere nightclub in DestinyUSA! Aja is currently based in Tampa, Fla. where it caters to upscale dining, drinks and nightlife. Its expansion in DestinyUSA is approximately 9,000-square and modeled after the scene in Tampa.

Aja’s sleek, modern and clean design will resonate with a variety of people including both young and business crowds. The nightclub will offer lunch and dinner during the day and during late night hours Aja will serve appetizers and drinks. The club will stay open until 2am on Fridays and Saturdays.

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The Inn Complete

The Inn Complete is a graduate student run bar and restaurant located in South Campus and caters mostly to upperclassmen, graduate students, staff and faculty.

Upper Level Inn Complete, photo credit Gabrielle Beaudry, Creative Commons licensed.

Contact Information


Skytop Road

South Campus

Syracuse, NY 13210

Business Hours:

Hours can be found at and are subject to change (Note: In the evening you must be 21 and older).