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Vegan Rice and Bean Plate w/Avocados from Syra-Juice

Vegan Rice and Bean Plate from Syra-Juice

Syra-Juice is a vegetarian and vegan focused eatery located on the bottom floor of Marshall Square Mall at 720 University Avenue near the Syracuse University campus.

The menu consists of an array of both vegetarian and vegan options that are both healthy and affordable, many dishes hardly exceeding $6. Such dishes that are popular amongst regular customers are the vegan “chicken” burrito, which consists of a soy product that resembles chicken, beans, yellow rice and a side of Syra-Juice’s special vegan ranch. Although there are many options for non-meat eaters, there is also a large selection that non-vegetarians may choose from as well. Some customer favorites have been the Tex-Mex selections that are available with chicken, many of these dishes coming with chips and Syra-Juice’s homemade salsa. Syra-Juice also provides freshly squeezed juice, smoothies and fresh hot soup de jour.

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Strong Hearts Cafe

strong hearts


Strong Hearts has been serving vegan friendly foods and beverages since 2008. Over the years, Strong Hearts has supported its community and animal-friendly lifestyle choices. They use local produce, fair trade coffee and tea, no styrofoam or plastics, to maintain their name and image. They offer free wifi and wheelchair access.

Locations and Hours:

Right now, there is only one location for the famous vegan digs, and thats on East Genesee Street near the Park View Hotel.

Planning a visit? Check out the hours .



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Goldstein Student Center

This is Goldstein Student Center, photo credit Gabrielle Beaudry, Creative Commons licensed.

Goldstein Student Center is the central location on south campus. It is a 3700 square foot building. Goldstein provides students and faculty with many vital services, which includes South Campus Express grocery store, Fitness Center, Laundry Services, Dining Center, conference rooms, an ATM, and a quiet study lounge. Office of Residence Life as well as the Department of Public Safety have offices in this center.  Although the Goldstein Student Center is primarily used by students, it is also open to the public. Visitors are welcome at the student center to eat, shop, or just check out student life on campus. Hours for Goldstein Student Center can be found at