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Stella’s Diner

Location: 110 Wolf Street Syracuse, NY

Phone: (315) 425-0353 


Monday and Tuesday: 5:00 AM- 2:30 PM

Wednesday-Sunday: 5 AM- 9 PM

Stella’s Diner is located in Syracuse, NY near Destiny USA and the Regional Transportation Center. Located about 15 minutes from Syracuse University’s Main Campus, Stella’s is the perfect destination for students, staff, or visitors. The food is cheap, plentiful, and cooked to perfection.

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Chuck’s Café

American Cuisine, Photo Credit: Reece Jackson

American Cuisine, Photo Credit: Reece Jackson

A campus favorite Chuck’s Café is a bar located on 727 S Crouse Ave behind Marshall Street. Chuck’s Café is one of the 4 major dive bars on the Syracuse University campus. If you’re looking for a funky bar with a lot of character, Chucks is definitely a staple for the nightlife on the SU hill. Feel free to bring a sharpie and tag your name on the wall to leave your mark when you visit!


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Mothers Cupboard

Mothers Cupboard steaming half-serving frittata.
Photo Credit: Teresa Nigolian

Mother’s Cupboard is a cozy mom and pop’s diner that serves classic breakfast comfort foods. Their small and friendly staff adds to the very casual and comforting atmosphere. Appropriately named, Mother’s Cupboard is a converted trailer that serves up big food.
Their claim to fame is the frittata. The frittata comes loaded with eggs, potatoes, pepperoni, sausage, peppers, onions, and broccoli to weigh in at a massive six pounds (but don’t worry, for those with a smaller appetite you can order a half frittata.) The six-pound frittata is not just a meal, but also a challenge. In one sitting you must finish the whole six pounds, two pieces of Italian toast, and mind all of our manners while doing it. The challenge eventually attracted the attention of Adam Richman, host of the Travel Channels’ Man v. Food; a show were he takes on food challenges all across the country. Adam was among the few that successfully completed the challenge, and earned his picture on the wall and a Mother’s Cupboard t-shirt.

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Heid’s in Liverpool

Heid’s in Liverpool still holds true to its retro look and feel
Photo Credit: Greg Morgan

If you ask anyone in central New York where they can find the best hot dogs, chances are they will send you to Heid’s in Liverpool. Heid’s is home to the Hofmann Frank and the Coney, a pork, beef, and veal combination dog with spices. This fast food joint sets itself apart from the rest by not only serving one-of-a-kind hot dogs, but with its friendly and casual atmosphere. At Heid’s there is no rush, just a casual place to relax and enjoy some good food.
Heid’s was featured on the Food Networks show, Man v. Food. While host Adam Richman did not take on a challenge, he stopped to enjoy Heid’s signature mixed double; one red frankfurter and one white Coney on a single bun. Jim Boeheim, Syracuse University’s head basketball coach, and Heid’s regular, also joined him for a bite to eat.

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Empire Brewing Company

A micro brewing vat similar to the ones you’ll find at Empire Brewing Company
Photo Credit: M. David Ford

Empire Brewing Company is a unique, contemporary restaurant that uses locally raised and grass fed beef, home-grown herbs, and on top of that has it’s own brewery right on the premises. The brewing facility is enclosed with class walls so diners can see the brewing process and vessels.
Guy Fieri, host of the Food Networks Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, stopped in to film their Land to Sea feature episode. Fieri tried Empire’s Fire Fajita and Feta Chicken Flatbread sandwich. He also talked to Empires brew master, Tim Butler, about pairing beer with food.

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Dinosaur Barbecue

Dinosaur BBQ’s signature smothered ribs and chicken with a side of mac n’ cheese, seasoned rice, and corn bread.
Photo Credit: Mark Guim

Dinosaur Barbeque is a classic biker stop for some of the best BBQ you can find in the northeast. The edgy, rocker atmosphere makes for the perfect setting to dive in to some messy meals. Dinosaur Barbeque is known for their original sauce and array of classic southern-style meals. The restaurant was featured on the Food Network Show Best Thing I Ever Ate, where former Syracuse University grad Adam Gertler dove in to his favorite menu item, the BBQ Half Chicken. This juicy chicken thy is smothered in homemade wango-tango sauce and served with two sides of your choice.

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The front entrance to Pastabilities.
Photo Cred: Nicole Gregory
Photo License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike


Freshly baked bread provided by the restaurant’s bakery across the street, Pastabilities is a one stop shop for fresh food made with fresh ingredients. Pastabilites is a hub for all things pasta and famous for their spicy hot tomato oil.

Menu Options

At Pastabilities there are separate and menus with salad, pasta, and pizza options. Lunch is cafeteria style with two cooks and a cashier. Wait in line to place an order and you can seat yourself inside or outside in the patio of the restaurant. In addition to soups, salads, and pastas, Pastabilities has beef to fish amongst their entree salads and dinner specials including a “Cuban” burger on the dinner menu.

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Wise Guys Comedy Club

Downtown Syracuse area where Wise Guys Comedy Club is located

Downtown Syracuse area, where Wise Guys Comedy     Club is located: 201 S Salina Street Syracuse, NY 

General Information
The club has been around since 1985 and is considered to be one of the premier comedy club in the area of Syracuse. It has featured nationally known stars such as Andrew Dice Clay, Ray Romano, Kevin James and The Unknown Comic. Comedians have also been known to drop in and attend a show, often giving them positive reviews.

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Roly Poly

Photo cred: Stefanee Brody
Outside of Roly Poly in the ally behind Marshall St.


Roly Poly is a sandwich, soup, and salad shop that is located in the ally behind Marshall St. They provide local delivery, personalized catering, and quick pick up if you call ahead. They also allow online ordering for that extra convenience.

Restaurant Key Info

  • Pricing: $$ (out of 5)
  • Serves a very large variety of different sandwiches
  • Priced at around $6.50 a sandwich
  • Has group platers