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The Westcott Theater


The Westcott Theater, Syracuse NY

Overview: One would find it very hard to believe that this venue frequented by Syracuse University students on an almost weekly basis was established in only 2008. Since then, the Westcott Theater, (or as it is more colloquially known, ‘The Westcott’), has grown exponentially in both size and standing among Syracuse University students, as well as the Syracuse community in general.

Music Venues

The Lost Horizon

Overview: While electronic dance music shows prevail at the Westcott Theater and the Oncenter venues, rock, punk rock, and alternative rock are the predominant music categories at Syracuse’s own Lost Horizon. This venue, which was established in the 1970’s and previously went by the names,  ‘32 Degrees’ and ‘Club Tundra,’ serves as one of Syracuse’s premier venues for all shows of the rock and punk-rock genres.

The Lost Horizon, Syracuse NY

The Lost Horizon, Syracuse NY