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What Wonderworks looks like before traveling through the Inversion Tunnel! Photo Credit: fPelin’s Eye, Flickr

Wonderworks at DestinyUSA is your all-in-one entertainment experience with more than 100 hands-on exhibits. When you enter Wonderworks, everything appears upside down, until you go through an “inversion tunnel” that properly aligns you to the flipped building so that you can experience the fun! Within Wonderworks, patrons of all different ages can experience a variety of fun and attractions including Canyon Climb Adventure, Lazer Tag, a 4D theater and a variety of other attractions.

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DestinyUSA Regal Cinemas

Movie goers enjoying the show. Photo Credit: WeAreDC, Flickr

Located in DestinyUSA is a seventeen theater Regals Cinema. The DestinyUSA Regal Cinemas, with 3D shows, RPX screens and IMAX offers patrons the latest in entertainment. RPX screens stand for Regal Premium Experiences. These screens guarantee viewers ultimate sight and sound that blow other movie experiences away. An IMAX experience makes patrons feel as though they are a part of the movie with the surrounding screen and sound. Aside from state of the art theaters, the Regal Cinemas in DestinyUSA also has a concession stand with a variety of food options and offers stadium seating to make the movie experience both more comfortable and enjoyable.

Attractions / Destiny USA Mall / Fun

Revolutions Entertainment

Bowling pins getting knocked down. Photo Credit: Tinou Bao

Revolutions Entertainment in DestinyUSA is the only place in Syracuse where you can eat, drink, rock and bowl. Revolutions Live offers patrons the best bowling experience with modern lanes, projection HDTV’s, black lights and bumper options. The lanes at Revolutions Entertainment can be used by casual bowlers, private bowlers, league bowlers and even late-night bowlers!

Attractions / Destiny USA Mall / Fun

Pole Positions Raceway

One racer speeding around the track. Photo Credit: zombieite

Indoor karting is the fastest growing sport in the United States an Pole Positions Raceway in DestinyUSA will show you why! The 1/4 mile course and European karts that can reach speeds up to 45 mph make the Pole Positions Raceway at Destiny USA an exhilarating experience. DestinyUSA has a variety of racing options that will meet your needs.

Racing Options
The Arrive & Drive racing format is the most popular. In Arrive & Drive patrons show up either on their own or in groups to race in 10 minute races. Arrive & Drive is available for both adults and children, as smaller karts are made available for people between 48” and 56” tall.

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Opti Golf

Picture from Fotopedia Commons by Mauro Moroni

Who said you could not golf in Syracuse during the winter? Located in DestinyUSA is an OptiGolf Center! The OptiGolf Center in DestinyUSA offers 9 golf simulators so that you can golf any day of the year. Its simulation effects and real putting green makes the experience seem real. Patrons are even allowed to use their own golf clubs and balls! There are a variety of experiences that OptiGolf has to offer, whether you want to play a round of golf, practice your swing on the fairway or attempt a golf challenge. All ages and experience levels are encouraged to visit, as OptiGolf is the easiest way to golf!

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The Ice Museum

Picture from Wikimedia Commons

The Ice Museum at DestinyUSA is a facility that displays a variety of ice sculptures that will leave you in awe with their elegance, detail and beauty. The ice sculptures were created by Stan Koloco of Auburn, NY. Koloco is an expert in ice sculpting, as he is the owner of The Ice Farm and has won a variety of awards for his craft.

The Ice Museum at Destiny USA not only provide patrons with the unique spectacle of ice, but also gives them an experience of lights and sound. In fact, The Ice Museum is so unique that there is only one other of its kind in the United States, located all the way in Aurora, Alaska.

Destiny USA Mall / Dining / Nightlife

Funny Bone Comedy Club

Picture of a Funny Bone Comedy Club from Flickr, lobstar28


Funny Bone Comedy Club and Restaurant was founded in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania by Mitch Kutash and Gerald Kubach where it started serving delicious dinners and laughter. Over 30 years later, Funny Bone Comedy Club and Restaurant has expanded over 25 markets in clubs all over the country. Renowned comedians including Jerry Seinfeld, Rosanne Barr, Tim Allen, Drew Carey, Jim Breuer, Kathleen Madigan, John Pinette, DL Hughley, Gabriel Iglesias, Josh Blue, Ellen Degeneres and Dave Chappelle have made appearances at these clubs along with other developing humorists.

Destiny USA Mall / Nightlife


Aja (pronounced “asia”) is a premiere nightclub in DestinyUSA! Aja is currently based in Tampa, Fla. where it caters to upscale dining, drinks and nightlife. Its expansion in DestinyUSA is approximately 9,000-square and modeled after the scene in Tampa.

Aja’s sleek, modern and clean design will resonate with a variety of people including both young and business crowds. The nightclub will offer lunch and dinner during the day and during late night hours Aja will serve appetizers and drinks. The club will stay open until 2am on Fridays and Saturdays.

Attractions / Destiny USA Mall / Fun

5 Wits

A shipwreck like one explored in a 5 Wits adventure! Photo Credit: JustMeJulie

5 wits is a hands on adventure that will fully immerse the explorer into a different world where he/she will have to solve puzzles, overcome obstacles and discover new things. Though the adventures are not physically demanding nor frightening, the experiences do force the explorer to put their 5 wits (imagination, estimation, fantasy, common sense and memory) to the test. DestinyUSA offers both of the 5 Wits adventures: Espionage and 20,000 Leagues.

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DestinyUSA Overview

Picture of DestinyUSA from Wikimedia Commons

DestinyUSA is six-stories and 2.4 million square feet of elite shopping, dining and entertainment experiences located on the shores of Onondaga lake in Syracuse, NY. Besides the shops, restaurants and entertainment venues, DestinyUSA also offers center offices, premium parking garages and a chapel. It ranks as the sixth largest shopping center in the country and far exceeds the others in New York State. Also unique about DestinyUSA is that it became LEED certified on February 6 2012, making it the largest LEED Certified commercial retail structure the United States and the third largest in the world. LEED certification stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and is obtained through collaboration with USGBC, United States Green Building Council. DestinyUSA participates in a variety of green initiatives to maintain its LEED certification including recycling, using green power, composting and green cleaning.