Housing / Housing: Main Campus

Main Campus Housing

Main Campus Housing includes 19 dorms spread around the Quad. First year students are required to live in main campus dorms, unless they are over 21, transfer students, or live in the Syracuse area. Each dorm on Main Campus has one or two resident advisors (RAs). The RAs are responsible for resident programing, acting as a semi-counselor, and enforcing Office of Resident Life policies. All dorms on Main Campus have mail serviced by SU Mail Services and have laundry facilities in the dorm.

Boland, Brewster, and Brockway Hall

Booth Hall

Butterfield House Hall

Day Hall

Housing / Housing: South Campus

South Campus Housing

South Campus is located about a mile from Main Campus and is accessible by Centro bus. Bus schedules can be found at . The neighborhoods located in South Campus include Chinook, Farm Acre, Lambreth, Slocum Heights, Small, University Village (UV), Winding Ridge, and the Skyhall dorms. Students have the option of living in single, two person, three person and four person apartments as well as singles and open doubles dorm rooms.



Farm Acre



Slocum Heights


University Village

Winding Ridge


Laundry Services